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We are a company that provide IT services (ICT: Information and Communication Technology), a mail service and a delivery service. We offer services aligned to our customer's budgets. SME or Large Business, we are your solution.


TAKALOU ICT is a set of services related to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

 Strategy and Tactics

We plan your future for a computer under control.


We set up your servers and networks. We develop your application solutions.

 User Support

We help you with your everyday problems of ICT use.

 Software, hardware and consumables

We provide software licenses, hardware and computer consumables.


TAKALOU TRAINING & COACHING is an assembly of trainings and coaching services for any customer with any levels. For ICT needs.


We provide many ICT trainings aligned with your needs. The trainings we provide can be adapted to any levels.


We provide a support service and we assist your compagny on the ICT domain. Whether in data processing, data security, to make your computer tools profitable to you or on other subjects which is aligned to your needs.

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