We believe in the future and define the present as the foundation of the future. TAKALOU sarl therefore set up the "Make It Green" program to ensure that we contribute to building this future through our present actions.

Thus, with its program "Make It Green", TAKALOU sarl puts itself at the service of environment and sustainable development. Through this program we participate in the protection and preservation of nature in its manifestations mineral, vegetable and animal.

Of course, as a company operating in the ICT sector, TAKALOU sarl is very interested in green IT. We even want to be a pioneer in sustainable computing in the Fort-Dauphin area. However, TAKALOU's interest in the environment and sustainable development is not limited to the information technology sector.

When we are convinced by a green initiation we contribute according to the scope of our means.

*Green computing, or green IT, or green information technology or sustainable computing is a concept that aims to reduce the ecological, economic and social footprint of information and communication technologies (ICTs).

Main goals

Preserve as much as possible ecological integrity.
Participate in sustainable development.