Most of the time companies or other entities, are equipped with ICT solutions because they know that currently it is impossible to do without ICT in their daily activities. Whatever the field: communication, finance, administration, health, security, ...

However, mostly, the purchased hardwares or software may not be truly aligned to the company's need. ICT tools are used at a very low percentage of their real potential. Mainly for two reasons, either the lack of training in the use of the tools, or because there is no consistency on the choose of the tool compared to real needs (For example: the choice of an intel core i5 processor while an intel core i3 processor would be enough). The effects are lack of efficiency, wastes. Often, to address thoose effects, organizations look for intermediate solutions that are not necessarily the most effective.

This is why TAKALOU SARL offers a range of personalized training and coaching to customer needs. The aim is to make ICT to be a true tool of success but not additional problem to manage.


Microsoft office

Getting started and basic use

Microsoft office

Professional use

Microsoft office

Database management with Access

Microsoft office

MS Excel advanced skills

Social Networks

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Custom trainings

According to your needs as long as they are in our skills and our capacity, we propose you a plan.


IT is an investment. However, without realizing it, sometimes our investments are not really optimized. Let's see the following examples:

  • Investing in a 20-tonne truck to carry only 2-tonne loads is meaningless. To say that for a limited use in the office only, it is not necessary to invest in a superpowerful computer. Or buy a super-advanced printer with very expensive cartridges for limited use for printing administrative documents and a print volume of less than 1000 pages per month. However, often in IT organizations are often in this scenario without realizing it.
  • When your computer is down or stolen, you lose your data. Data in most cases is worth more than hardware.
  • Internet and social networks are currently unavoidable. However, employees may spend more time on the Internet and social media than work. This leads to a lack of efficiency, which can result in the delay of a project, an increase in overtime, etc ...
This is why TAKALOU offers a range of personalized training and coaching to customer needs. The aim is to make ICT a tool for success.